Branding & Advergaming

If you own an appealing IP and you want to take it to the next level, increase engagement or reach new users, we can help you by doing what we do best. Quality games, with all the fun and made to order.

Virtual Reality

We are experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality. That's why we are able to provide original games and innovative experiences, in line with current trends and fulfilling our customers' needs.

Gamification Apps

Are you an events promoter and need gamification tools to increase their impact? Do you need an app for your company? You are at the right place. Let's talk :)


Rollypod Adventure

Our second project for NBC Universal, based upon the TV Show Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave. The youngest children at home will be delighted by their favouriate characters, answering questions as they do in the TV show and driving across four different […]

Stem cells video

In this project for Secuvita and VITA 34 we have procuced a video with the highest quality standards, combining 3D video generated in our studio with real image video recorded by our profesional team.

Quality Fry VR

We have developed this VR app for Samsung Geat VR, the latest VR technology for mobile devices that takes advantage from Oculus Rift technology.

Ruff Ruff Tweet & Dave

For the smallest kids of the house, in collaboration with NBC, we are developing this game based on Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave TV show. Already available in USA via Apple Store and Google Play.

Iro Hero

Vertical shoot’em up inspired in old school classics, with a unique fresh approach to color polarity mechanic and a twist to puzzles and taking clever decissions. No bullet hell. 

Ghosts & Ships

In this virtual reality game with a cartoonish horror visual style the player will have to guide the ships to the harbour, keeping them away from the dangers of the sea, such as reefs or ghosts. Ahoy!


Artax Games in Capital Radio

Last week we had an interview in Capital Radio. There we had the chance to explain what is Artax Games. Jesús Luengo spoke about his vision of the videogames market in Spain and also about Artax Games origins, clearing up some concepts […]

Jun 27,2017

Artax Games officialy unveils Iro Hero

  On May 19, Jesús Luengo, CEO of Artax Games and Game Designer for Iro Hero, was invited by El Zero Uno to Telefónica’s flagship building in Gran Vía to in order to present what will be our first own title: Iro Hero.

May 21,2017

Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave already available in USA

Last January we released the first game by Artax Games for iOS and Android platforms. It’s a title for children aged under five years, based upon the popular animation TV show “Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave” by NBC Sprout for the youngest […]

Feb 2,2017


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