A mysterious virus from outer space is threatening mankind, and your best friend Finn is the very first patient infected! But not everything is lost, as the young team of scientists led by Max, Jin Lia and Zev is here to help Using their cutting edge nanobots technology, they will be able to get themselves into Finn’s body and combat the virus and its destruction all along Finn’s organs to save his life, and at the same time, also the future of human kind.

The human body can be a dangerous place as you negotiate through 25 fleshy levels featuring sticky walled organs, tonsils and stomach linings. Slide on your futuristic nanoskate to collect red and white blood cells and navigate neurons. Hurtle through heart chambers and fly amongst intestinal flora. Every level includes entertaining nanobot challenges. Solve these science based puzzles to unlock parts of the cure that will help to heal Finn. Progression through levels introduce players to an assortment of topics from different foods to the senses and healthy habits; plus how every structure inside our bodies plays such an essential role.

Game Features

● 25 different levels with more than 60 different test challenges.
● 5 worlds related to body systems: Musculoskeletal, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous & Circulatory.
● 4 playable characters to personalise to your liking with more than 20 customization items.
● 7 nano-skills to unlock by upgrading your nano-tool.
● Varied gameplay mechanics exclusive for each level: bridges, canyons, puzzles, dark smoke,
giant rolling balls, lasers, hurricanes…
● 5 types of different enemies to dodge or defeat.
● Up to 20 special collectible items with additional anecdotes about famous scientists.




Nintendo Switch

Release Date

25 / March / 2021