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Sales time on Artax Games!

It’s PlayStation Indies, so… It’s sales time! From may 15 to May 29 you have juicy PlayStation discounts. But there’s more… If you have a PsPlus account… The sale will be bigger!

PopSlinger, the funkiest, retroest shoot-em up, is on sale! Help Ria Carbon and her partner Gin to save the world from the evil invading corazones. Kawaii art, challenging gameplay and a soundtrack that is pure rythm.

PopSlinger has a 30% discount on it’s base price, but it goes up to 40% with a PsPlus account!


Ario is a 2.5D adventure with a distinctive mix of fantasy and steampunk. Help youn Ario face the forces of evil that overtook his village, while he embarks on a quest to find and save his mother.

Ario has a 10-20% discount!

Mathland is an educative adventure where we will need to help the young pirate Ray to defeat the evil Max, who has stolen the magic crystals and wreak havoc on the isles. To help in that quest, here’s a 20-30% discount!